Why We Do What We Do

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Why We Do What We Do

Three (3) Reasons why Project Amba Was Created

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·Feb 20, 2022·

Improved Mortality Health Benefits the Whole Society -Isabella Lovin

This article gives and explains the reasons why the Project Amba team decided to begin this journey.


Preservation Of Life

Preserving Life is the core reason for medical practice, this is what drives the Amba Project. Pregnancy is not and should not be a death sentence. The thought of going into labor should not fill a woman with anxiety and terror- that, in itself can cause more bleeding (which is why patients are medicated with muscle relaxants before surgery to keep tension, anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure under control).

The Project Amba team has adopted a Zero Loss as its approach to delivering a coordinated program to keep women from bleeding to death in childbirth. This means, for us, one death is already too much.


Data is key to rolling out policies, developing budgets, making forecasts and projections. With AMBA, a more accurate picture of Nigeria's birth rate can emerge.

With every woman slated for vaginal delivery using the AMBA kit, the numbers of births per day, regional spread, and other indices will more accurately emerge.

In simple words, there's a vacuum when it comes to data on pregnant women, with the Amba Project we hope to efficiently accumulate data on pregnant women which can then be used to put in place better and optimal policies.


According to the WHO, in 2017, approximately 810 women died from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

That means people lose 820+ wives, friends, daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers, not to talk of the loss of human resources.

We at Project Amba want to help solve this problem, and in the process, help bring hope to the world.


We are a group of people who have a genuine love and belief in humanity and the place mothers have in society.

We believe by utilizing the power of technology to help save the lives of women we as a community, race, and species will improve far greater than we ever envisioned.

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